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Civil FLightsim Clubs

• Dutch Flight Network

DutchFlightNetwork(DFN) stimulates as a club virtual flying with Prepar3D, Microsoft Flight-simulator X(also Steam edition) and X-Plane. The club owns a dedicated server. Using that server we have twice a week a flight-session: Wednesday- and Sunday-evening from 20.00 till 22.00h. To be able to speak to each other we use the freeware program TeamSpeak3To see the other pilots during the session we use the freeware program JoinFS. Our navigating and flight planning-software is the freeware program LittleNavMap.  Several members of our club act as air-traffic-controller(ATC). They use the freeware-program Euroscoop.

Apart from the virtual flying-sessions the club has 3 real-life meetings each year:

  • The DFN-day, usually in may. Several lectures about real-life and virtual flying are presented by members of our club.
  • The spotters-day, usually the last Saturday of September. Members of our club travel to Schiphol to spot airplanes landing and departing on Schiphol Airport.
  • The annual flightsimulator-weekend in the first weekend of November in the Aviodrome in Lelystad. The club demonstrates flying together using our own server. The emphasis is on allowing visitors to participate in our activities there.

What makes DFN special?  As a club we are easily accessible. Club-members  do not pay a contribution. The emphasis during the sessions is on a smooth action of all participants without being too strict. Our flight conversation is in English.

There are several types of sessions: VFR, IFR, helicopter, etc.

Members of our club initiate regularly special activities. Two members practice shared-cockpit-flying. One as pilot-flying, the other as pilot monitoring. Each in their own house, using their own computer.

This year three member formed the Forward Overhead Panel Project(FOPP)-group. They are building a low cost Forward Overhead Panel for the Boeing 737-800. They will use 6 Arduino 2560 microprocessor-boards.

Information about our club can be found on: Want to join us? Subscribe as a member on :

Building a forward overhead panel for B737-800

Spring 2019 three members of DutchFlightNetwork decided to build together a low-cost forward overhead panel for the Boeing 737-800. Ready-to-use overhead-panels are offered by several firms, but not really affordable for the mainstream flight simmer. It should be possible at low cost. Freeware software appeared to be available for use with the microprocessor-board Arduino.

A test-project was started to evaluate how hard- and software would work. It appeared to be a smashing hit. All switches for aircraft-lights, engine start and fuel pumps operated well. The project-team thought: “What do we need when building the whole panel?” They ended up with an amount of 88 switches of different sizes and sorts and  80 small LED-lights. Also 6 Arduino 2560 microprocessor-boards with 52 digital ports had to be purchased. It meant that some 300 wires had to be installed between the components.

Most of the components could be bought on the Alibaba-webshop. An Arduino 2560 microprocessor-board was available at the affordable price of 7 euro a piece. Alibaba could also provide the switches and LED-lightsAs said: the software for both the Arduino and the connection with Prepar3d, FSX and X-plane is freeware.

At the end of the project three forward overhead-panels will be manufactured by the project team.On the FSweekend we can show you the prototype with all switches and lights operating. It would have been the easiest way to build if we had chosen to connect the LED-lights directly to the switches. We choose not to do so to simulate the functionality as good as possible.

Have a look. We will answer all your questions.

The Forward Overhead Panel Project team(FOPP-team) of DutchFlightNetwork

Aart Bekendam, Henny Horenberg

• Flight Simulator Club Belgium – FSCB

Flight Simulator Club Belgium – FSCB – will be attending the FS Weekend at the Aviodrome Lelystad,, the 5th and the 6th of November 2022
Come and take a look how we fly with both feet on the ground. You will be amazed how realistic flight simulation is. You want to try it yourself? Some cockpits are available to public.
Multiple members built their own cockpit, and they will be happy to help advising you through the world of flight simulation.
The used software is MS2020, Prepare 3D, X-plane
Members receive a monthly magazine called ‘Airmail’. They are invited to our monthly meetings in Grimbergen as well. Check our site , for all our activities.
During the meetings we will explain everything you want to know. What type of computer or software do you have to buy,…?
We will give some information about principles of flight, internet flying, etc
Joining the FSCB is possible today during the FS days as well.
U will only pay 25 euros instead of 30 euros.

• Flight Simulator Group HCC Haaglanden

During the flight simulator weekend 2022 we will show the versatility of our flight simulator hobby.
Various flight simulators will therefore be used, including FSX, X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D.
We will be flying with airliners, turbo props, general aviation and helicopters.
With the helicopter there will also be sightseeing flights over London, Paris and San Francisco, whereby we will of course fly over points of interest.
Furthermore, you are given the opportunity to get acquainted with flying with VR glasses.
So plenty to look forward to.

See you at our stand.
Flight Simulator Group HCC Haaglanden

• FS Groep NHN

Since a few years ago our group is a part of HCC Flightsimulator IG. We organize meeting in Schagen on every 4th Saturday of the month except July and December.
Every week we fly online on the IVAO network.
Our demo wil conisist of answering questions and we let the visitors steer themselves

• X-plane heli

Come and take a look to see why helicopter flying makes flying beautiful
The flights for today are:
LIPZ: Venice following the gondola, exploring area, landing on San Marcoplace
KBOS: Boston flying between the buildings, exploring area, landing on the building
LIMW: Aosta flying some circuits, demo autorotation.
LSGS: Sion commute among hospital (LSHS) and Sion, and touring flight
KSFO: San Francisco touring flight ex. Alcatraz

Approx. Schedule (depents on your interest!)

10:00 – 10:40 LIPZ
10:45 – 11:25 KBOS
11:30 – 12:10 LIMW
12:15 – 12:55 LSGS
13:00 – 13:40 KSFO

13:45 – 14:25 LIPZ
14:30 – 15:10 KBOS
15:15 – 15:55 LIMW
16:00 – 16:30 LSGS
16:30 – 17:00 KSFO

• HCC!Flightsimulator

flightsim enthousiasts of all types HCC!Flightsimulator is not about juist one simulator or aircraft, we strive to serve and ages.
We have experts for many themes amongst our members to explain details and teach newcomers how to fly a virtual aircraft.

At the Flightsimulator Weekend we present several setups running FSX, Prepar3D, XPlane 11, DCS World and the dedicated glider simulator Condor Soaring 2.
We invite visitors to take a seat and make a virtual flight under guidance of one of our dedicated members.
Try to find thermals in a glider to stay in the air as long as possible, fly over the Netherlands in a virtual Cessna or Boeing 737, or take a virtual flying lesson in an L-39C or Yak-52 under supervision of an instructor in the back seat.

We also have people on the floor trying to answer questions and forward you to one of our experts for more detailed information.


• MobiFlight

This open source project integrates standard hardware with your flight simulator – this allows you to build your individual cockpit in a fast, cheap and flexible way, and now also for X-Plane.

• 7Tair

Over the past years virtual airline 7Tair has been a regular guest at the FlightSim Weekend. In their DC-3 cockpit children (and yes, only kids!) get a chance to fly a vintage propellor airplane for ten minutes. No advanced computer systems in the cockpit, but only analogue gauges to look at, so the pilot has to feel what the airplane does. Take control and learn that real flying is an art and not a game. A DC-3 is not a jet fighter and by teaching children that you really have to take in account that technology has its limits, they learn during their flight not only how to control the plane, but also that technology is only a tool. The pilot is in command, be it in a DC-3 or a modern jet. As every year, the cockpit has undergone some improvements. A completely new designed throttle quadrant gives the pilot a very realistic feel during the flight. We invite children to come fly and parents and the interested visitors to get a look at the new installation.

• Simprojects Motion Cockpit demonstration

This is a fully home-build flight simulator which includes 3 LCDs for visuals and the aircraft panel is shown on two separate LCD panels. The flight yoke includes a strong force feedback system which changes stick forces dynamically during flight. A special shaker system adds vibration to the cockpit which includes wheels rumble, touch-down shock, engine vibration gear-down shock and stall vibration. The motion system gives an extra feel of flight by adding turbulence heave, rotation and pitch during turns acceleration and deceleration. The simulator now runs on FSX, and can simulate any aircraft.
All FSweekend visitors (from small children to adults up to 85kg) can take a flight (take-off and landing)

• F-104 Starfighter demo Team

The F-104 cockpit is build with only real parts, and just a few replica or self build items.
During the FSweekend we will give demonstrations in full gear that is used in the RNLAF, like the suit, helmet and oxygen mask.
All the instruments and panels are lit up for that extra realism. Also some panels are functional.
Considering the complexity of the cockpit it is not possible to fly it yourself.
Next to out demo’s we will talk about the cockpit and all the questions that you have.

Leon Sleegers, Wouter Heines Starfighter demo Team.

• PH-SRU Flightsimulator

After its retirement at Aeroclub Rotterdam we got our hands on the fuselage of an old Piper-Cherokee. In 5 years’ time we turned the PH-SRU, as part of a school-project, into a fully functional flightsim. Despite the fact that it is not a school project any more, we still try to go an work on some upgrades for the PH-SRU every once in a while. Furthermore the plane cruises through the Netherlands (so now and then) to give everyone the chance to be the pilot of a small airplane.

The FS-weekend for us is always a nice opportunity to show the new features of the flightsim, to gain new ideas or to discuss the implementation of old ideas. During the FS-weekend everybody is invited to get in the pilot seat to try and make a smooth landing. Of course we are also open for questions about the sim or the building process.

• The F-16 flight simulator “Viper-Charlie”

From an early age I have been interested in airplanes, and in particular “fighter jets”. What would it be like to fly with something like that?

The chance to fly in a real F-16 is almost nil. So in 2014-2015 I started my project, building a flight simulator “F-16 inspired”. It had to be a real size, so scale 1 on 1, and with as many real switches and instruments as possible. So the cockpit is not only an exact copy, but also all and buttons must be physically present and working, as well as the instruments. The simulator is therefore equipped with “shakers” that transmit the vibrations during taxi, runway and landing, but also in the air …

Now, more than 3-4 years later everything is ready, I want to use this flight simulator for the public, young and old, who also want to experience the experience in a Flight Simulator “F-16 inspired”.

The flight simulator “Viper-Charlie”

•  Motion Simulator

I love FlightSimming and after watching some YouTube videos, I decided to build my own motion simulator. Instead of building a cabin, I use VR. Together with the movements, this gives the me most realistic representation of real flying. You too can get acquainted with flying in VR. Come to our FS weekend! CU there.

•  Inholland Flightsim Delft & E-Flight Academy

During the FSweekend in Lelystad you have the unique opportunity to fly the electrified Viking Dragonfly simulator of FlightSim Delft and the Pipistrel Velis Electro simulator of E-Flight Academy. These simulators feature:

3-DOF Motion Platform from Motion Systems
The most high-end VR headset in the world: The Varjo XR-3

Unique in the Pipistrel Velis Electro Simulator:

Identical seating and viewing angles as in the real aircraft in a full size cockpit
Force feedback in the primary flight controls

At the FSweekend it is possible to fly in formation with the 2 simulators. These simulators are build by students from the Aeronautical Engineering course at the University of Applied Sciences Inholland Delft for Project DragonFly, of which the Pipistrel Velis electro is further developed at the E-Flight Academy.

•  VR-flightmotion

From the VR-flightmotion project we will demonstrate our approach for the combination of Virtual Reality (based on HP Reverb II) in combination with three linear actuators. We have programmed some sample-movements to demonstrate the force and flexibility of the actuators.

In addition, we can also link the setup to MSFS2020 and show that the motion platform can generate the motion cues that belong to the actual flight movements.

We will also demonstrate our setup of control-loading for simulating steering forces. It is a one channel setup (PITCH) that we can modify with parameters. The model is based on a mass-spring-damper system.

•  Mickey’s Flightdeck

Building a full size 737-800 cockpit is and will stay a dream for many flightsimmers. The field of different topics (woodworking, 3D-printing, electronics, programming) is so wide that it can be overwhelming when you are at the beginning of your journey.

I have been there too. Searching for answers to all my questions. How cool would it be to have someone take you by the hand and lead you through all the steps to the finished cockpit.

And so I decided to not only document my progress but also the way of creating all these different components on my Youtube channel. Follow me along through my years of work to a finished cockpit.

At the FSWeekend I will present my finished overhead and pedestal panel. And of course we can talk about all your questions that you have about cockpit building.

•  737DIYSIM

I’m try to bring the 3d printed 737 motorised throttle,
The 172 cockpit,
The new heli controls
And lots on new designs.

I’m also hoping to show people how to use fusion 360, soldering and lacing demos along with wiring termination etc.

Mil Squadrons

• 31st  VFS

After 4 years of absence, the 31st VFS is present in the Aviodrome this year with 3 desktop cockpits on which we fly demos with the F-16 and with which seriously interested people can make a flight.
Thanks to our 1:1 guidance, we can quickly familiarize aspiring pilots with h a demo flight in which many facets of a real flight are discussed. We can also tell you everything that is (not) involved in our hobby.
We also have a kiddie setup that allows children to fire unlimited missiles from an F-16 at enemy targets in a short time.

Panel / Aircraft / Scenery design / Hard & Software

• FlightGear Flight Simulator

The FlightGear project was started 25 years ago by a group of volunteers scattered across the internet. FlightGear is a so-called open source project: this means that development takes place in an open environment and that all materials resulting from the project are freely available for everybody. Although FlightGear has traditionally been of interest to hackers and tinkerers, recent years have seen significant efforts to improve usability and user-friendliness, opening up to project to a large group of users. FlightGear has already been present at FSWeekend since 2005, and this year will be no exception. This year we’ll specifically celebrate our 25th anniversary by highlighting our history through video presentations on the one hand, and by showing the latest developments in the form of live demonstrations on the other. This year we will specifically focus on the latest development in scenery generation by showcasing an exclusively for FSWeekend developed preview of our new scenery rendering engine and by showcasing this with a snapshot of the latest Netherlands scenery that was specifically developed for FSWeekend.

We explicitly encourage visitors to try FlightGear hands on and obviously, we’re always ready to answer any questions you may have; specifically when it comes to interfacing hard- and software.

Being an open source project, FlightGear is freely available for everybody to download. For this reason, FlightGear is still a project of interest for potential developers. In order to share the workload, we are continually interested in attracting potential developers. You don’t need any programming skills to be able to help. In addition to software development, we are also actively looking for content developers: For instance, we are interested in the development of 3D content: Aircraft, or buildings, texture or aircraft livery painting, or the beta testing of release candidates. Feel free to drop by if you are interested. Our booth staff will be happy to get you started.

If you want to see more, you are also welcome to attend our live demonstrations in the movie theater: see the program for further information.For additional information, see also:

• Varney Airways Old US Airway route scenery

We create freeware scenery for MSFS, and scenery objects for MSFS in Blender, and process these in recreating the old Airmail routes in the USA.
Mail was transported across the continent by aeroplane in the 1920s and 1930s.
As a navigation aid, a system of rotating beacons and arrows was set up to enable pilots to transport mail from main hubs.
For starters, we created the following routes: CAM5 (Salt Lake City to Pasco via Boise), CAM32, (Portland to Spokane via Pasco)
On this route we also made some small airports, where a stopover could be made.
During the FS weekend we will recreate route CAM8 (Portland to Seattle)

This corresponds to the contract of Varney Airlines.

• Sim Innovations

We from Sim Innovations are happy to attend to FS Weekends after all those years, to see familiar faces and meet new flight simulator enthusiasts.

Sim Innovations develops the powerful software tool called Air Manager, the heart of your home simulator. From one single (touch) screen to a full scale cockpit, Air Manager can do it all. Virtual instrument panels and hardware input and output with the help of Arduino’s and Raspberry Pi’s.

We will demonstrate this all with a small touch screen cockpit, which can be configured to represent multiple aircraft. Feel welcome to take the simulator for a spin and we will be ready to give you a more detailed demonstration and answer all your questions.

• Flightillusion

This year we will be back again to show you our extensive range of high quality gauges & more.

Again we’ll also bring some stock items with us to the Aviodrome which are available for direct sale. Please contact us if you want to pre-order an item at so you can pick it up at the FS-Weekend. Come and visit our boot!

 • ProSim Aviation Research

“ProSim Aviation Research are the creators of the ProSim737 and ProSimA320 Professional Suites. Our software has been developed from the ground up for cockpit building. Easy set-up, maximum compatibility and extraordinary realism. All the hard work has been done for you, simply use the graphical user interface, relax and take your hobby a step further”

• Aerosoft

Come and visit Aerosoft at FSWeekend! Aerosoft will be there with two demo stations for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Laminar Research’s X-Plane 12 for you to try out. In addition, a wide range of hardware from Honeycomb, RealSimGear and selected software will be available for sale at exhibition prices. The Aerosoft team looks forward to seeing you!

• Honeycomb

Honeycomb will be participating with two demo cockpits, offering the opportunity to experience both a commercial and a general aviation setup of the Alpha Flight Controls and the Bravo Throttle Quadrant. The yoke will be available for purchase at the Aerosoft booth who will also be taking pre-orders for the Throttle.

• JaHeLi Simulator

“Website for simulator electronics and parts” is recently created By Jan-Hein Liebregts to start promoting his excellent build DCS IO Boards and other cool cockpit parts. In order to make it complete Jan-Hein, Viper-Charlie (Felix Gayet) and Knight-Panels (Maarten de Ridder) joined forces.

Felix makes the art of reproducing real like F16 parts as a natural thing. Detailed and perfect are one of his key words.
Maarten mastered the art of creating laser cutted and engraved panels in his chet. The panel creating is not new, but creating panels with lighting included like the real deal is.

Together they are proud to make the JaHeli “Website for simulator electronics and parts” a succes and serve you to make great products.

• GeoFS

GeoFS is a free, independent flight simulation application that runs in your web browser or on mobile. Built on top of global geographic data, GeoFS offers the whole world to explore, in multiplayer, without having to install anything!
For its second participation in FSWeekEnd, GeoFS will show you around the latest release and make two stations, with joysticks, available to visitors.
GeoFS 3 includes many improvements in terms of rendering (atmosphere scattering, water, volumetric clouds, etc.), a brand new radio-navigation stack and some new aircraft such as the beautiful DHC-2 Beaver or the legendary P-38.
You will also get a chance to have a sneak peek at the upcoming updates and to discuss how GeoFS is increasingly being used professionally in flying schools, training courses and engineering classes.

“The Accessible Flight Simulator”

• Wright Brothers Flight Technologies

We will showing

– DA40 desktop trainer
– B737NG FMS desktop trainer

• FlightDeck

FlightDeck is an all-in-one StreamDeck plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, X-Plane 11/12 and Prepar3D, fly like a pro with this ultimate flight sim companion. Use physical buttons for things like parking brake, landing gear, flaps, autopilot, camera positions, radio, lights and more.

FlightDeck comes with 30 default profiles for the regular Stream Deck and the StreamDeck XL. FlightDeck contains over 1100 unique icons.

Besides the default profiles, there are extra add-ons available like the PMDG 737, Aerosoft CRJ and PMDG DC-6.

• FlightsimWebshop

FlightsimWebshop is glad to be joining FS Weekend again, with some exciting demos and great promotions!

Together with Thrustmaster, we will refund (!) your Aviodrome entry ticket (one per person) with each purchase of Thrustmaster hardware of at least € 100,00. Ask us about the conditions at our stand.
We will also give away three months of PC Game Pass (sponsored by Microsoft) on selected products. You can play MSFS and hundreds of other games with PC Game Pass for free.

At our stand, you can try out the just released Next Level Racing Flight Simulator seat and the Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke Pack for a Microsoft Flight Simulator landing challenge. This all on the Sim Game Screens Ultimmersion//180 curved projection screen.
We will also showcase Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC and Xbox. This will be done in cooperation with Thrustmaster and Turtle Beach, who will show their latest hardware releases in action for the first time.
Speaking of new products: we have the new Loupedeck for you available on our stand as well. Loupedeck is a button box with rotary encoders, allowing you to create custom, easy-to-use MSFS shortcuts.

We’ve also invited Virtual Fly next to our stand for a demonstration of their Solo GA flight panel and new Switcho Panels. Try out their high-quality flight simulation hardware, and buy it directly at our stand.
As always you can find us directly across the Aviodrome restaurant in the main hall.
FlightsimWebshop is glad to be joining FS Weekend again, with some exciting demos and great promotions!

• Control Loading Yoke

Flight Simulation has gained growing interest for Control Loading Sytems.
The showcased yoke is based on a spring loading device using a rotating assembly (slewing ring) and two small Servo motors as described in the patent: (
With moderate technical effort and commercially available hard- and software the Yoke simulates following features: Effects of propeller airstream (on ground), airspeed, elevator trim load reduction as well as turbulence. The functionality has been extensively tested with current Microsoft and X-Plane Flight Simulators.

Virtual Airlines

• V-Bird VA Group

V-Bird Virtual Airline will be present with a number of setups, on which we are happy to give continuous demonstrations.
As a visitor you can also get behind the wheel yourself and experience what flying is all about. Flight simulators are: FSX and X-Plane.
Fun for the kids: If they make a good landing or have successfully flown a circuit, they receive a “licence”. A nice keepsake, and perhaps as a stepping stone to Flight Simmen and/or really learning to fly.

For example, we have a setup where you can fly in “virtual reality”, so with VR glasses on. This gives much more immersion in flying. You are, as it were, in the cockpit itself.
For the advanced Flight Simmer there is a setup of a PC with Xplane11 and Opencockpits modules. Our V-Birder Kees Aarts will show you that in X-Plane 11 you can make the Opencockpits modules work with 2 free plugins and a java script. You do not need a SIOC and OC4BA for this.

Many people cannot afford to buy a reasonably performing PC with all kinds of peripherals these days. That is why there is a “low budget” setup (laptop) at the stand with FSX as Flight Simulator, and connected with a joystick. A minimal setup, and it is fine to fly.

We would like to tell you more about this fun hobby and what the added value is to flying for a virtual airline, which is what we are. What does a virtual airline add value to the hobby Flight Simulator. We will be happy to tell you that when you visit our stand. We look forward to seeing you at our stand on November 5 and 6, 2022 in the Aviodrome, at Lelystad Airport.

• KLM Virtual Airline

For the KLM Virtual Airline the year 2019 is completely dominated by the centennial celebration of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the company which we represent in online flight simulation. During the whole year a chain of events is organized for our pilots, culminating in the big Schiphol Fly-In on October 7th 2019.

Pilots who have participated the most are honored with a badge on their KLM-VA-profile page. Additionally, during the FS Weekend we will hand over a special personalized UTC clock to the winners. Truly a great asset for every “flight room”!

To our this year’s visitors we once again offer an uninterrupted opportunity to test their flying skills on one of our sim set-ups. The challenge is to perform a circuit flight at Lelystad Airport while observing real life rules and conditions as closely as possible. Members of our staff attend to the pilots, giving them useful advice on how to improve their performance. Quite an interactive happening, great fun for all visitors.

Finally, we offer our visitors the opportunity to take a look at our website and present a looped video where we try to enthuse visitors for online flying with our Virtual Airline.

Online Networks

• Dutch VACC  /  VATSIM

The Dutch VACC is the Virtual Area Control Centre for The Netherlands on the VATSIM network. Dutch VACC provides virtual Air Traffic Control
within the Amsterdam FIR, including Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, as well as several regional airports. We pride ourselves in delivering regular and
high-quality air traffic control services. We will provide information for both (aspiring) Air Traffic Controllers and pilots wishing to roam Dutch airspace.    Please pass by our stand for a demonstration of our ATC service, information, or a casual chat!


VATSIM (short for the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network) is a completely free online platform which allows virtual pilots, wherever they are in the world, to connect their flight simulators into one shared virtual world. VATSIM also simulates air traffic control in this virtual world, creating the ultimate as-real-as-it-gets experience for you, the virtual aviation enthusiast.

With over 110,000 active members in 2021, connecting your flight simulator to VATSIM allows you to join hundreds of other pilots in our virtual skies, flying all kinds of aircraft all over the world. As a VATSIM member, you can join our many communities across the world to enhance your flying skills and flight simulator experience in a shared virtual airspace. You can also become a virtual air traffic controller, adding that extra bit of realism for you and your fellow enthusiasts. The real beauty of VATSIM is that it caters to people who are completely new to the hobby as well as to the seasoned flight simmer.”

FS Websites

• FSELITE  Will be around at the FSweekend for interviews.


Lectures / Speakers
In the Cargo room 747 Saturday and Sunday

• How I build my motion simulator  13:00 hour  Dutch / English

Gerard Assink, In this presentation I briefly show you how I built my motion simulator and what it involves.

•  MobiFlight      14:00     Hour  English

MobiFlight – Getting started

Sebastian,  from the MobiFlight team will introduce the MobiFlight platform and show how to improve your experience in the sim by adding easily input and output devices with just a few clicks.

This open source project integrates standard hardware with your flight simulator – this allows you to build your individual cockpit in a fast, cheap and flexible way!  also now for X-Plane

•  MobiFlight   15:00 Hour   English

MobiFlight – build your own custom panels.

Tuomas,  from the MobiFlight team will show the different possibilities to design and build custom panels to enhance your experience in the sim.

Lectures / Speakers In the Movie Theater

•  FlyByWire & Dutch VACC VATSIM   Saturday and Sunday 13:00 in Dutch.

Dimitry   Blauw,  Explore the vatsim network with  FlyByWire

•  X-Plane    only on   Saturday   15:00 Hour in English by Thomson Meeks

Join Laminar,  Research to hear about the progress made so far during X-Plane 12 Early Access, learn about the path to official release and what’s coming next