Civil Flightsim Clubs


Demo FS Weekend 2018 – HCC!Flightsimulator

Our presentation will consist of several demonstrations using different simulators, where visitors are encouraged to take a seat and fly around using one of our setups.
We will be using FSX, Xplane 11 and Prepar3D.

Our DCS World group will also be present with their cockpits.
They invite visitors to take a flight lesson in one of their two-seater trainers. People can choose between the Yak-52 elementary trainer, or the more advanced L-39C Albatros Jet Trainer. Apart from the flying lessons, there will be dogfights using historic and modern fighters, and demonstrations in formation flying, aerial refueling and carrier operations.

There will also be a setup using AirManager, with ‘live tinkering’ on cockpit instruments using tablets and simple electronics to create a full-fidelity DIY cockpit.

In order to make it easy for visitors to get the correct answers to their questions, we will have a contact person who can direct them to the right person.