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List of demonstrations and speakers 4 & 5 November 2017

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Civil FLightsim Clubs

• Dutch Flight Network

Demo Dash Q8-400 shared cockpit. Several flightsim-developers have tried to make a proper working shared-cockpit- system. Software to fly an airplane with two pilots, each on their own location(in their own house) and with their own computer system. Even sometimes with a third person as an observer.Majestic did a great job with the development of the Dash8 Q400. To get a good operating shared- cockpit you have to use the PRO or the TRAINING-version. As in reality, one pilot will be the captain, the other the first officer. The the two pilots with their computer systems have to be connected by internet.We will demonstrate the shared-cockpit- system, flying the Dash Q8-400 during the Flightsim exhibition in the AvioDrome ( 4th and 5th of november 2017) at the stand of DutchFlightNetwork, to mimic reality as effectively as possible. We will stick to normal cockpit procedures using checklists before, during and after the flight.Technically speaking it is no big deal to configure the software to operate the shared-cockpit. It all depends on good settings in the software.

We will fly at a regular basis a demo-flight over 80 nm, departing from KPHL(Philadelphia International Airport) to land at KJFK( John F. Kennedy International Airport) under guidance of air- traffic-control(ATC). ATC will be provided by a member of our club.We did configure the set-up in such a way that in case of a softwarecrash we will be able to restart and continue the flight from a point five minutes prior to that crash. Continuing the flight with the two pilots in a shared-cockpit- configuration will then be possible.

• FsFan Voorschoten The Netherlands

An active group of people having Flight Simulator as their hobby.  We come together every month in Voorschoten close to Leiden to share our experiences with new developments in relation to Flight Simulator or computer techniques’. And show everybody interested in the more detailed background of Flight Simulator how things work and can get tweaked to everybody’s personal interest.

This FSweekend FsFan is organizing a number of flights in the Vancouver Canada environment. This will be a continuous program without a specific time of start or ending. The flights will be performed with easy to fly aeroplanes such as the De Havilland Twin Otter or the smaller Cessna’s and are all flying under VFR conditions.

All pilots will fly independent of each other using the same routes. This takes away the pressure of flying in “online“ or “multiplayer” conditions and give ample time to discuss, explain and public participation. Flying will preferably be done at low altitudes to enjoy the beautiful scenery of British Columbia and Victoria Island and hop into small airfields for a cup of thee or other refreshments.

This program is specially interesting for inexperienced pilots from the public to see and experience what the various flight simulator programs can offer. The level of difficulty will be set by the pilots themselves as a go-around can always be initiated and  the next landing can be done on the same airfield or the flight can simply be continued to the next airfield.

The starting point for all our flights is the participation of the public and invite them to take over the steering wheel or simple joystick and be active during the flight or landings. Guidance from a more experienced FsFan pilot will guarantee a safe flight and flight can always be paused  to  explain what is going on and deal with questions from the public. Something that is important within the FsFan Voorschoten community. Be service minded to the members and visitors to assist them in solving sometimes complex questions in the complex world of all different flight simulator programs. Specially now with new 64 bit programs coming to live.

So you pilots and junior pilots “come and fly with FsFan Voorschoten “. Your partner for a new challenge.  See you in the Aviodrome in Lelystad on the 4th and 5th November.

Our website is published on ” ” and you can always reach us by email on ”

• Flight Simulator Club Belgium – FSCB –

Flight Simulator Club Belgium – FSCB – will be attending the FS Weekend at the Aviodrome Lelystad,, the 4th and the 5th of November.Come and take a look how we fly with both feet on the ground. You will be amazed how realistic flight simulation is. You want to try it yourself? Some cockpits are available to public.

Multiple members built their own cockpit, and they will be happy to help advising you through the world of flight simulation.

The used software is FSX, FSX-SE, Prepare 3D, X-planeMembers receive a monthly magazine called ‘Airmail’. They are invited to our monthly meetings in Grimbergen as well. Check our site , for all our activities.

During the meetings we will explain everything you want to know. What type of computer or software do you have to buy,…?

We will give some information about principles of flight, internetflying, etc.

Joining the FSCB is possible today as well. You will only pay 25 euros instead of 30 euros.

• FS Haaglanden

This year, FS Haaglanden will again participate this event.
Traditionally, we do this with an aircraft that is part of the Aviodrome collection.
We have chosen the icon of the Dutch aviation industry the Fokker F-27.
On our stand, we will demonstrate flying the F-27, giving you an idea of the realism of a modern flight simulator and the performance of this formidable aircraft.
Every hour we make a flight from Groningen to Rotterdam.

• FS Rijnmond

This year, FS rijnmond is also present on the FS weekend. We will return to basic this year and leave only Fsx, P3D v4, FSWorld and Apple Flightgear without any additional seniors. The design of this arrangement will give everyone the opportunity to div simulators that are currently available to test, so everyone is left behind with the systems.
Note the poster that is at our stand.
HCC  Frisian Virtual Pilots club

Visitors of this great FSweekend,

If you want to experience the touch of flying at yourself: join us on our stand. We will let you fly a Cessna 172 or a Boeing 737 (among other planes), you can also make your own choice: make a take-off, a landing or just a small trip around an airport. We will guide you and believe us, you are lost! Both days people are invited to join our stand and take control, just as real as it gets and of course: for free! It is a very cheap and fantastic hobby!

The Frisian virtual pilots!

• Flightsimulatorclub Middle Netherlands

We try to show the commercial aviation as realistic as possible.
To do that, we split our group in 2 parts.
5 pilots depart from airport A. The other 5 pilots depart from airport B.
They all arrive at airport C at the same time. This whole flight is guided by our own ATC.
We will show this on big screens and with radio.
During this flight we also give information about what people are seeing.
We are open for all questions of visitors. Also during flying.

We use Prepar3D v4 and FSX on our computers.

Our program:

3 flights of 1,5 hour:
– Stuttgart and Innsbruck to Torino
– Oslo and Bergen to Trondheim
– Cardiff and London to Newcastle

In between the flights we have a presentation about:
– Descent planning
– Different approaches (Conventional, RNAV, GNSS, PAR, etc)

• HCC  Flightsimulator

The HCC Flightsimulator interest group represents all flightsimmers in the HCC club.
At the FS Weekend we will show several simulators and related activities like cockpit building.
This year we will demonstrate XPlane 11, Flightsimulator X, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D with ORBX, JoinFS, AirManager and DCS World.
We invite visitors to have a go and try all the different flight simulators compare them under expert guidance from our members.

XPlane 11
Our XPlane 11 group is ready to answer all your questions about the newest version of this simulator. You can also sit down and fly for yourself. You can choose from several types of aircraft, to fly with the aircraft that suits you best.

Online Flying with Prepar3D and FSX Steam Edition
We have linked computers running Prepar3D and FSX Steam Edition together on a local network, and we are going to try connecting to some of our members at home and make some flights together. Ofcourse you can ask all your questions about flying online with Prepar3D, XPlane and FSX here.

Like previous years, we will also have an AirManager setup using XPlane 11.
This setup enables you to build an interactive cockpit with extra screens, tablets and DIY hardware.
To show how easy it can be, we have built all our electronics on bread boards and prototyping boards. This way, everyone can start building cockpit instruments in no time.

DCS World 2
Our DCS Group has prepared some demonstrations using the military simulator DCS World 2. The demonstrations are split up in two blocks running for about 2 hours.
In one block we will take you back to Normandy 1944, where we escort B-17 bombers using P-51D Mustangs and Spitfires, and perform dogfights against German Focke Wulf 190s and Messerschmitt Bf.109s.
The second block takes us to present-day Nevada, where visitors can take a flying lesson over Las Vegas in our L-39C Jet Trainer. You can also see demonstrations in aerial refueling, formation flying and modern air combat.
Our DCS pilots will be wearing headsets, but they can still hear you, so if you have questions, just ask.

Club computer
Did you visit all our groups and do you still have questions?
Don’t hesitate to drop by our club computer. The people manning this station have come to the FS Weekend to answer even the most difficult questions.


• 7Tair

7Tair is a virtual airline. Our fleet consists of one vintage DC-3. We are regular guests at the FSWeekend event with our simulator cockpit. Because our ‘Old Lady’ doesn’t like changes very much, we install everything at the beginning in such way that children can fly in it. From that point on, adults cannot fly it, but children are more than welcome all day.

Flying isn’t simple, but thanks to our enthousiastic team children will be introduced to the art in no-time. After that, they will be able to take off, fly a circuit and land, all on their own. Even if they are as young as 6 years. As proof of their achievements all pilots get a certificate, signed by both instructors. As real as it gets!

7Tair is momentarily busy with a big step ahead. The old, small simulator cockpit is being replaced by a DC 3 cockpit in real scale. The objective is to build a replica very close to the original, to enhance the feel of flying even more. 7Tair warmly invites everyone to their stand to see and experience de fun of flying.


The HI6SIM is a 6-way (6DOF) flight simulator platform in a cheap version.
The program is the glider simulator “CONDOR” which drives the motion-platform.
Aosta airport is where we fly in the Italian high mountains.
Can continuously be used by visitors from very young to very old.
There is also technical information available regarding further and other developments.

• Simprojects Motion Cockpit demonstration

This is a fully home-build flight simulator which includes a visuals system with Fresnel lenses which gives extra view depth. The aircraft panel is shown on two separate LCD panels. The flight yoke includes a strong force feedback system which changes stick forces dynamically during flight. A special shaker system adds vibration to the cockpit which includes wheels rumble, touch-down shock, engine vibration gear-down shock and stall vibration. The 3DoF motion system gives an extra feel of flight by adding turbulence heave, rotation and pitch during turns acceleration and deceleration. The simulator now runs on FSX, and can simulate any aircraft.

All FSweekend visitors (from small children to adults up to 85kg) can take a flight (take-off and landing)

• F-16AM Simulator

At the end of 2004, Raymond Peters started his first attempt to build an exact replica of the real F-16 cockpit (1: 1). After many years of construction, blood, sweat and tears, his advanced cockpit has become well known and has set a high building standard in the cockpit builder’s world.

The F-16AM Simulator, as it is now being called, is a constant ‘ongoing project’, with continuous improvements being made. In addition, a very large part of the unique software is fully designed by “partner in crime” Danny Faber.

Through close collaboration with the Air Force, several F-16 pilots (test pilots and former F-16 pilots) delivered their valuable input that we use in our F-16AM simulator, giving it a very realistic way of the F-16 fighter as a procedure trainer.

You can find our F-16AM Simulator regularly at various Air Force related events. E.g. the Royal Netherlands Air Force days, squadron reunions, the fighter pilots call, RNLAF recruitment campaigns, etc. Also, non-air-force related events like the Flight Simulator Weekend in Lelystad are being visited. We have been active participants there since 2006.

This year we chose a slightly different public during the upcoming Flight Simulator weekend: Technicians & Cockpit builders, and of course F-16 enthusiasts.

The cockpit is NOT accessible to the public this year, but is approachable closely for viewing! Parts of the cockpit and technology behind the scenes are displayed separately and demonstrated, including: Construction, Electronics, Firmware, (interface) software.

You cannot only see how the gauges operate in the cockpit, but also from the cockpit (externally). We will show how certain gauges are constructed (with the latest techniques), and let them work synchronously with the gauges built into the cockpit. The interface software is also demonstrated and explained.

Some of our simulated missions are flown by former F-16 pilot Loek ‘PIPE’ Mulder.

• F-104 Starfighter demo Team

The F-104 cockpit is build with only real parts, and just a few replica or self build items.
During the FSweekend we will give demonstrations in full gear that is used in the RNLAF, like the suit, helmet and oxygenmask.
All the instruments and panels are lit up for that extra realism. Also some panels are functional.
Considering the complexity of the cockpit it is not possible to fly it yourself.
Next to out demo’s we will talk about the cockpit and all the questions that you have.

Leon Sleegers, Wouter Heines Starfighter demo Team.

•  Boeing 737 cockpit/mip

After having flown on a laptop or desktop PC for years, I decided about 2 years ago to build my own cockpit / MIP. Now I can show you the results of my work in recent years, months and weeks. A single seat full functional cockpit based on the Boeing 737NG.I invite you all to come and visit my stand, if you have questions about my MIP, just ask. If you think you have it in your hand to put a 737 safe on the ground, I challenge you to prove it. “Your plane”.
I hope to see you during the FSweekend

Mil Squadrons

• 31st Virtual Fighter Squadron

The 31st Virtual Fighter Squadron invites all visitors to meet with Falcon BMS and our squadron. Falcon BMS is a military flight simulator for the F-16 Fighting Falcon.Every hour we will demonstrate the simulator with two home-made cockpits. They will fly together a mission in a local network and show some aspects of military flying.

Are you enthusiastic and want to try it yourself? There are some desk-cockpits available to make your first minutes in an F-16! Our members will help you.

We also have a separate desktop-cockpit for the kids available.With these 3 different configurations, we show not only the potential of Falcon BMS, but also the possibilities to build your own cockpit.

Panel / Aircraft / Scenery design / Hard & Software

• CPflight

On the crest of the wave since 2003 Cpflight creates the plug & play dimension with a huge choice of products,  we are going to show news and projects at FSWeekend, visit our website for more information…

• FlightGear Flight Simulator

The FlightGear project started 20 years ago from a group of volunteers scattered across the internet. FlightGear is a so-called open source project: this means that development takes place in an open environment and that all materials resulting from the project are freely available for everybody. Although FlightGear has traditionally mainly been of interest to hackers and tinkerers, recent years have seen significant efforts to improve usability and user-friendliness, opening up to project to a large group of users.FlightGear has already been present at FSWeekend since 2005, and this year will be no exception. This year we’ll specifically celebrate our 20 th anniversary by highlighting our history through video presentations on the one hand, and by showing the latest developments in the form of live demonstrations on the other. We explicitly encourage visitors to try FlightGear hands on and obviously, we’re always ready to answer any questions you may have; specifically when it comes to interfacing hard- and software.

Being an open source project, FlightGear is freely available for everybody to download. For this reason, FlightGear is still a project of interest for potential developers. In order to share the workload, we are continually interested in attracting potential developers. You don’t need any programming skills to be able to help. In addition to software development, we are also actively looking for content developers: For instance, we are interested in the development of 3D content: Aircraft, or buildings, texture or aircraft livery painting, or the beta testing of release candidates. Feel free to drop by if you are interested. Our booth staff will be happy to get you started.

If you want to see more, you are also welcome to attend our live demonstrations in the movie theater: see the program for further information.For additional information, see also:

• FS-FlightControl

FS-FlightControl is a touch optimized Instructor Station for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D 1.x, 2.x, 3.x and 4.x, Microsoft Flight Simulator X including Steam Edition, Dovetail Flight Sim World (FSW) as well as X-Plane 10 and 11.Beside the Windows application an Android and iOS client app is available as well.It features

  • easy aircraft positioning on approaches and other custom locations,
  • real-time moving map with detailed overlays and VATSIM, IVAO and PilotEdge support,
  • ProSim, Project Magenta, FSLabs, Aerosoft and Wilco enabled flight planning,
  • weather condition control including real-time-weather and Active Sky 16 support,
  • full aircraft pushback control,
  • a fuel and load manager,
  • control over aircraft views and slew mode,
  • a failure system with random failures, also for ProSim, AST, JeeHell and Project Magenta,
  • extensive aircraft overview with all your aircraft data and TCAS feature,
  • aircraft and approach statistics and graphs including Google Earth export,
  • detailed remote control options for all your network computers,
  • operate and monitor motion and control loading devices and
  • finally you can use the very detailed settings to customize everything to your specific needs!

The connection to Prepar3D, FSX and FSW is established directly via SimConnect for best performance – no additional tools like FSUIPC needed!

Also for X-Plane no plug-in installation is required as the connection is done directly via UDP.

• Routech

We produces more models of yokes as the originals for: Boeing 737,747,757,767. Airbus 300 310. Embraer 145, 170, 190. ATR 42, 72. Cessna 182. Beech King air 350. Piper Seneca V. BAE 146, AVRO. Canadair jet 100, 200, 700. DASH 300, 400. Fokker 70, 100 and more sticks models for planes and helicopters. Chart holder for various yokes: Airbus , ATR, Boeing CRJ, ERJ, Fokker. We also produce mechanical parts for the steering well (tiller) for Airbus, Boeing and ATR planes.

• Simonsolutions

Full Boeing 737 MIP Desktop System with Full OVH and Handle this maximum functionality in minimum size. High quality and attention to detail with a simple system to connect to a single computer P&P module ready to use with Prosim737. Designed with attention to every detail to bring you the highest realistic experience. You do not need an entire room to feel like a pilot and fly like a real pilot.

• FlightsimWebshop

FlightsimWebshop is collaborating with Thrustmaster and GForceFactory this Flightsim Weekend to deliver all flightsim fans the ultimate VR experience. Where it already was possible to see the power of Virtual Reality last year, it is now possible to feel it thanks tot he Edge 6D motion platform. Flight simulation doesn’t get more realistic than this!

If you’re new with flight simulation you’re also more than welcome at our stand. We’re happy to tell you which joystick suits your needs and we even have some demo’s to test them. No experience with any flight simulation is required!

We also have a cool competition during flightsim weekend. Try to beat the fastest time in a Redbull Airrace to win a joystick and throttle system! Compete with each other in the ultimate skysport, with speeds up to 400 knots, and find out if you’re the fastest at the end of the weekend.

Offcourse we also have everything for your flightsim needs: joysticks, yokes, throttles, modules, mcp’s, radio panels, buttkickers and many more. Be sure to follow us on facebook or twitter to be update on our promo’s for the weekend.

We’re looking forward to welcome you at our stand!

• Brunner-Innovation


Every pilot in a cockpit, regardless if he fly’s a commercial Airliner, a modern Helicopter or even the most complex Space Shuttle, uses his hands and feet for interacting and controlling the aircraft. Yoke and Rudder, Cyclic and Collective or the Side-Stick in modern Fly-by-Wire environments: each of this aircraft control elements provide the pilot with a very type-specific and unique feedback in movement and forces.That’s why the ability of a most realistic and precise replication of these physical men-machine interactions is one of the dominant quality factor in modern Flight Simulators.


BRUNNER has developed his portfolio of leading Control Loading Systems in close cooperation with experienced pilots and experts from the flight training industry. Our long-lasting and deep experience with modern Drive and Control technologies and our passion for aviation were the baseline and motivation for our product development initiative.The integrated high-dynamic brushless AC Servo technology reacts with realistic movements to even finest inputs and offers artificial feeling that qualifies for professional Flight Simulator applications.Our portfolio of Control Loading Products supports training applications which range from a simple Desk-Top-Trainer to Flight Navigation & Procedure Trainer and finally reaches professional Full-Flight- and Full-Mission Simulators.Regardless the types of simulator build with our Control Loading products: we always create flight controls that provide precise and realistic flight control feedback to the pilot and therefor support high training values.Finally, all our Control-Loading devices are fully configurable via our software interface. It allows defining and managing aircraft-specific profiles for control movement and forces. All devices easily interface via TCP/IP, CAN-Bus or CAN-Aerospace into any existing or new flight simulator architecture.

Visit us on our booth at FSWeekend and get the chance to try out some of our Control loading units for Home and Enthusiast Cockpit use:



–  BRUNNER CLS-E XXX (let us surprise you with a first glimpse on a new product that’s coming soon!)

We offer our products at the FSWeekend at special rates, please ask at our booth for the FSWeekend special offer and how to order. For more information in the meantime please visit our homepage:

• Sismo Soluciones

With over 10 years of constant innovation and diversification of our product range, Sismo Soluciones has specialized in an Ethernet based system which ensures speed and stability for your 737 Cockpit. We have exciting deals for FS Weekend and we look forward to showing you some of our Plug&Fly modules.

• Opencockpits

This year Opencockpits will perform at FSWeekend the official presentation of our cockpits for A320, as well as show the full cockpit of the B737 in a 2.5 meter mural and video projections of its operation in different facilities.

We will inform you of all the details and offer special deals to visitors.

• Sim Innovations

Sim Innovations will be presenting a new version of Air Manager, and the newly developed Air Player application.

Air Manager 3.0 includes a long list of improvements, ranging from vastly increased performance, new instrument controls and support for hardware.

Air Player is a small and efficient application made with one purpose: run an instrument panel. Air Player also runs on a Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi is be able to run full screen instrument panels which can easily be configured from Air Manager.

With Air Manager and Air Player you can now easily add buttons, LED’s, switches, rotary encoders etc. to your flight simulator. These can be connected to a growing range of DIY platforms: The Raspberry Pi, Arduino MEGA 2560 & Uno and our soon to be released Raspberry Pi Hat board.

Also presented this year are the prototypes of our professional hardware range. We will be showing a range of Airbus Helicopter instruments, this includes the Helionix, VEMD and CAD.

Come visit our booth to see all these new products in action!

• Simworld

Simworld is a team of aviation enthusiasts and a manufacturer of highly innovative and incredibly realistic flight simulation parts for a B737NG. With 9 years of industry experience, simworld delivers cutting-edge technologies and the best possible virtual flight experience. Simworld is present in more than 50 countries and still reaching out for new destinations! Simworld devices have been appreciated not only by aviation enthusiasts but also industry professionals to include universities, flight schools, amusement centres, museums and airlines. Attention to finest details, reliability, relentless quality control and devoted support have established simworld as the leading force among European sim manufacturers.

In 2015 simworld – as the first simulators manufacturer – opened own flight simulator centre in Poznan (Poland) named GearUP! which is available to all visitors who can enjoy the illusion of flight in a fully fledged professional B737NG simulator! Simworld specializes in building complete tunrkey systems from the ground up. Being a manufacturer and not an integrator of 3rd-party parts, simworld can customize every simulator to fit individual requirements such as application, location, qualification and budget. Perfect compatibility, easy interface and seamless operation with minimized maintenance are the highlights of simworld products.

During the FSWeekend simworld will present a full line-up of Plug&Play products for a B737NG.

• Bluecockpit

Bluecockpit is a startup located in Brussels and run by a group of aviation passionates.

Bluecockpit sells a turnkey A320 flight simulator and soon a B737. It has also developed a Solution for Flight Simulator Maintenance to help the sim operators anticipating and if necessary rapidly correcting any malfunction. The team is composed of 1 sales manager, 2 IT specialists and 2 airline pilots.

It offers a range of yearly service packages but also a hotline for those who prefer (following an initial technical audit of their configuration).

Their motto is 1+1=3. Bluecockpit is open to partnerships and collaboration arrangements and welcomes CVs from freelance IT Flight Sim specialists.

During the Lelystad FS weekend, Bluecockpit will bring its full immersive A320 type flight deck. It will also sell a variety of Airbus promotional goods, such as posters, mugs, bags and airplane models. To find them during the exhibition please go to the section located after the restaurant (associations area). At all times, you can also come to see them in their office and show room in Brussels.

Welcome on board!


Virtual Airlines

• Flight-Academy

The Foundation ‘Flight-Academy’ is a virtual education and training platform for sim users.Theory and practice of flying the wings in an online environment brought by certified trainers with the eyepoint on real-life documentation and flight rules. The FA trains the student in VFR, IFR and commercial airplanes in all its facets.

The FS Sim Weekend Program in Lelystad contents:

  • 10:30 LT Live-talk ( who are we, what is the added value for simmers of all kind, explanation and presentation of 2 sims and our Dashboard [our training platform)
  • 12:30 LT Live-talk (see above)
  • 14:30 LT Live-talk (see above)
  • 11:00 LT Circuit flying in the sim (hosted by 3 screens, track IR, explanation en practicing cross wind landing
  • 13:00 LT Circuit flying (see above)
  • 15:00 LT Circuit flying (see above)

Meantime there is the opportunity to fly our 2 nd sim for various flights. (VFR and IFR) including instructions. [IFR flights will be executed in a Beech Craft Duke simulator)

For more information: check our trainings platform at

• V-Bird VA Group

Who are we:We are a Virtual Airline, started in 2004 with the permission of the real V-Bird. After a CEO change we have become the VA we are now, an active VA where cosiness the main factor is

What we have to offer is:

– Little rules
– An extensive route network with worldwide 25 hubs
– A private server to fly with other V-Bird pilots online
– An extensive fleet
– An enthusiastic staff who is always willing to help others
– Reallife events

And perhaps the most important, cosiness.

What are we going to do:

– You can talk with Frank Beenke about the future of Lelystad Airport
– Saturday, November 4, Leon van Dijk will give a demonstrations with X-plane-11 and will answer X-plane-11 questions throughout the day.
– There is an Ocules Rift 3D-glasses present that can be tried under the guidance of Marcel Doesburg.
– Wim Hoogstraaten will demonstrate flights with the famous Connie, the A2A Simulations Captain of the Ship L049 Constellation.
– Continuous questions can be asked to the members of the V-Bird VA.
– People can continuously try to make a virtual flight (For the children there is even a certificate after the flight).

Online Networks

• Dutch VACC  /  VATSIM

The Dutch VACC is part of the world wide organization VATSIM. We provide air traffic control to flight simulator pilots. Doing this, controllers obey real life regulations and procedures. Enter a world you can fly together with fellow pilots, see each other, all under behalf of so called ‘virtual air traffic controllers’ from their homes. This will complete your flight sim experience. Come see our stand to discover how simple it is to make the last step. We will welcome you and eloborate with passion!

• IVAO – Netherlands

IVAO Netherlands is part of a world-wide organization active in more than fifty countries.

In the IVAO booth you can experience the excitement of online flying or controlling together with thousands of other flightsim users.

During the FSWeekend you may visit our continuous demonstrations and ask our stand crew all questions regarding online flying on our network. And of course you can join IVAO on the spot and enjoy the free membership from that moment on.

On Saturday and Sunday at 13:00 hours the brand-new IVAC2 software will be demonstrated. During both days our booth will be connected to the IVAO online network: watch and enjoy all virtual flight movements in the Dutch airspace live!

FS Websites

• Dutchfs

Since 1997, Dutchfs is the largest Dutch flight simulator related website. (

We provide our members and visitors with numerous manuals and downloads, the core of our website however is the forum. Over 11,000 subjects have been discussed already and still there are questions we are trying to answer as best as possible.Once a year, Dutchfs delegates some members to the FSWeekend to give demonstrations, answer questions and especially to offer interested people a possibility to be introduced in virtual flying.

In our case, we fly with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. You will be assisted by some of the Dutchfs permanent members.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is thus comprehensive that we have to make choices. It can be flown with a wide range of aircraft, both civilian and military. Concerning the military field, there are recent developments that made it possible to use the military aircraft for what they are meant to be. We refer to Tacpack in combination with FSX@War, both add-on programs for FSX. Greencan will be glad to demonstrate this section and will give you the opportunity to take some goals with the Mirage 2000. We also offer you the opportunity to bother another one in a network with two PCs.FlipS is our hardware specialist and also has extensive knowledge of flight dynamics. There are planes in which the real life pilot soon will have the sweat in his hands.

You also would like to experience a bit of that feeling in the flight simulator, isn’t it?

Lectures / Speakers

• FlightGear

Additional Activities on FSWeekend
1. Presentations in the movie theater
This year, FlightGear will celebrate it’s 20 th anniversary by organizing
three live demonstrations in the Aviodrome’s movie theater. During each
of these 30-minute presentations, we will highlight a different aspect of
FlightGear. The presentation schedule is as follows:

12:00 A helicopter flight through time: By means of a spectacular helicopter flight through the Grand Canyon, we will highlight a number of milestones of FlightGear’s history.

14:00 Launch time! The Space Shuttle is one of the most unique vehicles ever developed! Starting as a rocket, orbiting the earth like a space ship, and landing as a glider, the Shuttle is the only reusable manned spaceplane developed to date. FlightGear is currently the only simulation platform that is capable of simulating every aspect of this remarkable vehicle. In this demo we’ll show what it takes to simulate a successful launch. Be advised: It might be wise to bring some ear plugs, because FlightGear is even capable of simulating the Shuttle’s Original Engine Sounds.

16:00 Highlights of the World: In this demo, we’ll take a business jet to explore a collection of our personal favorite locations on earth. In doing so, we’ll explain how these locations have come into existence in the FlightGear world.

12:00 A helicopter flight through time: By means of a spectacular helicopter flight through the Grand Canyon, we will highlight a number of milestones of FlightGear’s history.

14:00 Launch time! The Space Shuttle is one of the most unique vehicles ever developed! Starting as a rocket, orbiting the earth like a space ship, and landing as a glider, the Shuttle is the only reusable manned spaceplane developed to date. FlightGear is currently the only simulation platform that is capable of simulating every aspect of this remarkable vehicle. In this demo we’ll show what it takes to simulate a successful launch. Be advised: It might be wise to bring some ear plugs, because FlightGear is even capable of simulating the Shuttle’s Original Engine Sounds.

16:00 Highlights of the World: In this demo, we’ll take a business jet to explore a collection of our personal favorite locations on earth. In doing so, we’ll explain how these locations have come into existence in the FlightGear world.

• UncertifiedPilot

 Presentation, Saturday and Sunday at 13:00 in the theater.

In this presentation Tim Post and Joost Bijlsma welcome curious visitors to FS weekend. Tim and Joost believe that a student pilot lives in all of us. By showing scenic video recordings of their simulated flights, by telling about their thrilling flight training, and by sharing practical tips about starting with home flight simulation, they will take you along on a journey through the wonderful world of modern-day home flight simulation. Are you considering to become a simpilot yourself? Or are you curious about what attracts many to the romance of home flight simulation in the first place? Then be sure not to miss this presentation.

• X-Plane

By Philipp Ringler,  Saturday and Sunday at 15 :00 in the Briefingroom in the old Schiphol building

X-Plane 11 was first shown in live demonstration at FSWeekend 2016 and released in a public beta four weeks later. It was released publicly to critical acclaim in March 2017. Since then, the team of developers and designers has been hard at work to continually improve and make X-Plane 11 the best modern flight simulator. Featuring a cutting-edge rendering engine with physically based materials and lighting and X-Plane’s well known flight model, all-new aircraft and tons of additions to the scenery, X-Plane 11 caters to the serious flight simmer, while the new, user-friendly interface allows beginners to step into flight simulation much easier than before.

With several free updates, the team is now gearing up to bring X-Plane 11 into a fully immersive VR experience. At FSWeekend 2017 you can experience X-Plane 11 in virtual reality with the Oculus hardware at the Aerosoft booth, and learn about the current state of development at a presentation. The presentation will cover the contents of the free 11.10 update, which features new landmark scenery, tons of new autogen, the new G1000 flightdeck for default aircraft and numerous improvements to the graphic engine. We will then look at the upcoming free 11.20 update, which brings X-Plane into virtual reality. We will not only look at the visuals, but also at the various controllers you can use to bring your hands into VR, and interact with the virtual cockpit in a new way. However, we do not want you to throw away all your cockpit hardware just yet, so we will also cover combining VR hardware with classic joysticks/yokes. Before or after the talk, you will be able to try it yourself at the Aerosoft booth.

• Aerosoft    Saturday 13:00 in the Briefingroom  introducing two new Flight Simulators.

In this presentation, two completely new (and different) flight simulators are shown for the first time. 
FlyInsder shows FlyInside Flight Simulator. Intended to be a direct competitor of the well-known simulators (and even highly compatible to them) it uses other techniques, which means that the available hardware can be used much efficient. Designed for VR from the beginning, this is one of the most important projects you may not know anything about.
Aerosoft shows VFR Simulator: Glider Edition, the first edition of a series of standalone simulators that have a high level of detail but always have limited content. Glider Edition takes place on Flugplatz Herrenteich and, in addition to a motor plane to pull the sailplanes, gliders and even motor gliders.

With greetings,

Mathijs Kok