Cockpit Builders

Simprojects Motion Cockpit demonstration

Simprojects Motion Cockpit demonstration.

This is a fully home-build flight simulator which includes a visuals system with Fresnel lenses which gives extra view depth. The aircraft panel is shown on two separate LCD panels. The flight yoke includes a strong force feedback system which changes stick forces dynamically during flight. A special shaker system adds vibration to the cockpit which includes wheels rumble, touch-down shock, engine vibration gear-down shock and stall vibration. The 3DoF motion system gives an extra feel of flight by adding turbulence heave, rotation and pitch during turns acceleration and deceleration. The simulator now runs on FSX, and can simulate any aircraft. All FSweekend visitors (from small childrenĀ  to adults up to 85kg) can take a flight (take-off and landing)