Virtual Airlines


Dear Pilots,

During the FS Weekend event which is to take place in the Aviodrome in Lelystad on November 3 and 4, we will proudly introduce our next step to even more realistic flying: the Pilot Quality Index.

To perform a flight correctly, it’s not only important to climb in an orderly manner and to land safely again. Those are items we, if desired by the pilot, already check through the pireps he submits. Our validators are keen to check whether all characteristics of a flight are credible and plausible, as far as the samples from the networks allow them to. But many deviations are not visible by these simple samples: did you pause your sim during the flight, or use time acceleration, have you stalled your aircraft or did you encounter a fuel shortage and did some “mid-air refueling” and – not unimportant – have you made a nice soft landing without causing damage to the plane? These are all examples of quality aspects of your flight.

To be able to determine these kinds of deviation, we decided to introduce for “as real as it gets”-fans a so called ACARS program. ACARS (the acronym stands for: Aircraft Communications And Reporting System) will, on pilots request, report flight details to our KLM-VA system after the flight has ended. The system will use these details to measure and evaluate some details of the flight. In that way the Pilot Quality Index is determined.

Please visit our booth at the FS Weekend and see for yourself whether joining in to achieve a Pilot Quality Index adds to the realism of the flight for you also. We will make the FSACARS program available to all our pilots after the FS Weekend.

We hope to have added once again an interesting and exciting possibility to the options our KLM-VA has to offer to its pilots!

The KLM-VA Team