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FSG HCC Haaglanden

FSG HCC Haaglanden

This year we want to put you in the holiday mood with our demo.
We have opted for flights in the Caribbean.
We fly between the islands of Saba,

St Eustatius, St Maarten and St Barth.
The flights are made by the Caribbean company Winair with the Twin Otter, designed and produced by the “Havilland Canada”.
This is a twin engine turboprop that can carry 14 passengers.
The aircraft was originally designed as a “bushplane” for use in Northern Canada, but is now being used all over the world due to its excellent flight characteristics.
The aircraft is particularly suitable for take-off and landing on very short runways( paved or unpaved).

The airport of Saba has only a runway of 600 ft.

When making mistakes during the start or landing you end up irrevocably in the sea
Because of the many accidents, the airport is now closed, only a few airlines such as Winair are allowed to use it with certified crews and aircraft.

If you want to land at St Barth on runway 10 you have to make a very steep approach.
There is a hill in front of the runway, so you have to fly just over the traffic on the slope of the hill.
On this slope there is also a roundabout.
If you don’t makeĀ  this landing properly, the runway is too short to come to a stop in time and you will end up in the sea.

Both airports are among the most dangerous in the world and we will perform these spectacular landings during our demo for you.

During our demo we give you a lot of information concerning our flights and of course you are allowed to ask questions.

We wish you a lot of fun during our demonstration.