Cockpitbuilding hardware / software suppliers


With its simMarket, simFlight GmbH is one of the leading providers of software and hardware for PC flight simulation. With its multilingual news page simFlight, world-wide enthusiasts of aviation have been provided with news around flight simulation for many years. The idea was to operate a flight simulator ourselves to give our customers an even more realistic impression.

From the idea of ??building a basic simulator, it quickly became a very ambitious project to create such a realistic simulator as close to an airline-powered level D simulator. However, at the same time we wanted to make this experience accessible to anyone with a comparatively low price. The result is a model of the Boeing 737-800, whose dimensions and features were faithfully recreated. For visual enjoyment, a 200-degree screen is used, and the acoustics in the cockpit have been considered.

The special feature, however, are the 6 powerful electric motors that allow the simulator to move and “yaw”, giving the pilot the feeling of actually steering a B737-800.