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Flight-Academy VA


The Foundation ‘Flight-Academy’ is a virtual education and training platform for sim users.

Theory and practice of flying the wings in an online environment brought by certified trainers with the eyepoint on real-life documentation and flight rules.  The FA trains the student in VFR, IFR and commercial airplanes in all its facets.

The FS Sim Weekend Program in Lelystad contents:

  • 10:30 LT Live-talk ( who are we, what is the added value for simmers of all kind, explanation and presentation of 2 sims and our Dashboard [our training platform)
  • 12:30 LT Live-talk (see above)
  • 14:30 LT Live-talk (see above)
  • 11:00 LT Circuit flying in the sim (hosted by 3 screens, track IR, explanation en practicing cross wind landing
  • 13:00 LT Circuit flying (see above)
  • 15:00 LT Circuit flying (see above)

Meantime there is the opportunity to fly our 2nd sim for various flights. (VFR and IFR) including instructions.  [IFR flights will be executed in a Beech Craft Duke simulator)

For more information: check our trainings platform at