Cockpit Builders

F-16AM simulator

At the end of 2004, Raymond Peters started his first attempt to build a real-time F-16 cockpit (1: 1). After many years of construction blood, sweat and tears, his advanced cockpit has become well known and has set a high building standard in the cockpit builder’s world.

The F-16AM Simulator, as it is now been called, is a constant ‘ongoing project’, with continuous improvements being made. In addition, a very large part of the unique software is fully designed by “partner in crime” Danny Faber.

Through close collaboration with the Air Force, several F-16 pilots (test flyers and former F-16 pilots) delivered their valuable input that we use in our F-16AM simulator, giving it a very realistic way of the F-16 fighter as a procedure trainer).

You can find our F-16AM Simulator regularly at various Air Force related events. E.g. the Royal Netherlands Air Force days, Squadron reunions, the fighter pilots call, RNAF recruitment campaigns, etc. Also, non-air-force related events like the Flight Simulator Weekend in Lelystad are being visited. We have been active participants there since 2006.

This year we chose a slightly different public during the upcoming Flight Simulator weekend: Technicians & Cockpit builders (and of course F-16 enthusiasts).

The cockpit is NOT accessible to the public this year, but is approachable closely for viewing! Parts of the cockpit and technology behind the scenes are displayed separately and demonstrated, including: Construction, Electronics, Firmware, (interface) software.

You cannot only see how the gauges operate in the cockpit, but also from the cockpit (externally). We will show how certain meters are constructed (with the latest techniques), and let them work synchronously with the gauges built into the cockpit. The interface software is also demonstrated and explained.

Some of our simulated missions are flown from, former F-16 pilot Loek ‘PIPE’ Mulder.