Since 1997, Dutchfs is the largest Dutch flight simulator related website. (www.dutchfs.com).

We provide our members and visitors with numerous manuals and downloads, the core of our website however is the forum. Many thousands of subjects have been discussed already and still there are questions we are trying to answer as best as possible.

Once a year, Dutchfs delegates some members to the FSWeekend to give demonstrations, answer questions and especially to offer interested people a possibility to be introduced in virtual flying.

In our case, we fly with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. You will be assisted by some of the Dutchfs permanent members.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is thus comprehensive that we have to make choices. It can be flown with a wide range of aircraft, both civilian and military.


This year we will introduce visitors to racing with aircraft as it did in the 1930s. To this end, we connect two PCs in a network so that two aircraft can be flown in one simulation.

The period from 1929 until the Second World War is sometimes referred to as ‘The Golden Age of Aviation’. In the United States, the National Air Races have been held annually since 1920. Participants include aircraft constructors Laird, Lockheed, Travel Air Company and Wedell. Most notable participants were probably the Granville Brothers whose ‘Gee Bee’ named planes not only established a number of records but were also named ‘killer machines’ after a few fatal accidents. There were races for different categories and there could be fought for some trophies such as the Bendix Trophy and the Thompson Trophy.