Civil Flightsim Clubs


We fly online together with Microsoft Flight Simulator via our own network. Flying is beautiful and flying together is even more beautiful. Prepar3D, Flight Simulator X (also Steam Edition), Flight Simulator 9 and X-Plane have a multiplayer option that makes it possible to make a trip through the air together on the internet. That makes it all a lot nicer, especially if you also have the freeware program TeamSpeak 3 and can talk to each other. We have a host program on our own DFN server which allows us to fly with all FS versions and X-Plane at the same time. Not only pilots are welcome with us, but also people who want to provide air traffic control (ATC). For this we use the Euroscoop program. In addition to the virtual gathering, we also regularly have real-life meetings where different aspects of flying are covered, such as a DFN-day full of lectures and demonstrations, participation in the Flight Simulator weekend in the Aviodrome, a spotters day or even flying in a real plane. This is possible because some members of our association have a pilot’s license. What makes DFN so special? We are low-threshold. We find a cozy atmosphere important. Beginners and advanced students are welcome. The rules of flying are applied flexibly and flexibly. We remain friendly and patient. DFN people help each other. In principle there are two (evening) sessions per week (on Wednesday and Sunday evening from 20.00 to 22.00). In addition, occasional training sessions are organized. There is flown on sight (VFR) and on instruments (IFR). The communication via Teamspeak between the pilots and the traffic control runs, as usual in the flight world, in English. The language of instruction in “chatting” is Dutch. We offer all sorts of useful and fun information (in compact form) via our own website, which is accessible to everyone. That is why this website is also easily set up. There are no costs involved in participating in the DutchFlightNetwork. Do you want to become a member? Then you can go to our website