Cockpit Builders


7Tair is a virtual airline. Our fleet consists of one vintage DC-3. We are regular guests at the FSWeekend event with our simulator cockpit. Because our ‘Old Lady’ doesn’t like changes very much, we install everything at the beginning in such way that children can fly in it. From that point on, adults cannot fly it, but children are more than welcome all day.
Flying isn’t simple, but thanks to our ethousiastic team children will be introduced to the art in no-time. After that, they will be able to take off, fly a circuit and land, all on their own. Even if they are as young as 6 years. As proof of their achievements all pilots get a certificate, signed by both instructors. As real as it gets!
7Tair is momentarily busy with a big step ahead. The old, small simulator cockpit is being replaced by a DC-3 cockpit in real scale. The objective is to build a replica very close to the original, to enhance the feel of flying even more. 7Tair warmly invites everyone to their stand to see and experience de fun of flying.