Verslag door Alexander Schmidt (TCA-piloot) van het
 FS weekend in de Aviodome op 16 en 17 oktober 1999

Van:            Bert van Halteren <>
Aan:            fs-dordrecht <>
Datum:        zondag 24 oktober 1999 12: 13
Onderwerp:  over het fs-weekend

Hoi Allemaal,

Hieronder een bericht dat Alexander Schmidt schreef aan de TCA mailinglist over het FS-weekend van 16/17 oktober j.l... En nu niet allemaal tegelijk naast je schoenen gaan lopen!

Groeten, Bert.

P.S. Wat zo’n FS weekend al niet los kan maken … het schijnt dat Bob binnenkort een contract gaat tekenen voor een nieuwe carrière in Duitsland! Hoe moet dat dan met de DFSO?

Hi Crew,

This might be a little late, but I have been asked by several persons to give you all a report about my travel to Amsterdam last weekend. Well here it is:

You may have noticed at simFlight or anywhere else in the net that at 16th/17th were the national flightsim days in the Aviodome Aviation Museum near Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. And I wanted to visit this event. Mostly because there is no comparable FS scene here in Germany and therefore none such events. There are some FS World celebrities from Germany - Hallo Rainer - like Manfred Moldenhauer and Enrico Schiratti, but compared with the amount of the population, the Netherlands are a FS World Superpower. Names as Johan van Cranenburgh, Mathijs Kok, Jan Visser, Enno Borgsteede - don't you dare to become megalomaniac about this, Enno :-) -, Marty Bochane, just to name a few, are known even to the rookiest FS rookie. Excuses to all I've Ieft out ...

Well, I contacted Enno, telling him that I wanted to travel to this meeting and that I was hoping to meet him there. He responded that he was participating there anyway and presenting something he didn't even know about. But it had something to do with the Uiver... <vbg> more of that later ...

In one of the next mails, Enno let me know that, when inviting him to dinner, he would provide me with bed 'n breakfast. What a nice invitation, of course, I agreed. So Saturday, 16th, found me on my way. Had to get up early in the morning at 5 o'clock to get my train and arrived at about 12:00 at Schiphol. The Aviodome Museum was easy to find ... and the whole place was crowded with visitors. As the name indicates, it is an Aviation Museum and at first I walked around, admiring the fine AC exhibition. And within this exhibition, some retailers sold their stuff and, of course, flightsimmers were performing MP (multi-player) flights.

After that, it seemed to be time to look out for Enno ... Just one problem though, how does he look like? I only knew his face from blurry pictures somewhere in the net, but reality, my friends, is always a little bit different. How does he really look like, could it be this one? No, another name on the nameplate some of the participants were wearing. Well, back to the entrance, asking one of the guys, where the Uiver is presented :-). Unfortunately - but, hey!!, no one informed me how it is spelled in Dutch. I spelled it like I would in German, so nobody could understand me. That's where 1 had my encounter with the Dutch AKM, discussed in this mail area earlier :-) ....

Humiliated, I stole myself away .... <g>

But hey, that must be Johan van Cranenburgh, why not ask him if he could show me Enno. Guess what, he could :-). Eventually everything came to a lucky ending. Enno introduced me to a lot of people, always raising laughter, when telling my little misfortune with that Uiver spelling thing :-). Now I know, how it's spelled, but to all of you who are not of the Dutch tongue, I’ll leave it to you, finding out <vbg>, or experiencing the already mentioned Dutch AKM.

I met many people and watched the MP-flights. Mostly simmers were sitting in half-circles around tables performing various flights with ATC support. Enno and I talked a lot and he guided me around, which leads me to the real topic of this event: the Show of the Dutch Flight Simulator Organization, (DFSO): 18 guys in front of their hardware - ­fully equipped with all the goodies necessary for every FS crazy: -) - plus a videobeamer where the different monitors were displayed. All presented by one of those rare natural showtalents, explaining to a broad audience - and I mean a broad audience :-) - the possibilities of FS and apparently making it understood!

These guys were performing partly a Group Flight - with Heavies! - over Rotterdam and Amsterdam, others were landing or taxiing. And then this guy told the people all about FS: Multiplayer, Panels, Scenery, Aircraft Design, FMS, HDI, Aircraft Types and ... and ... and ... You could screen it on TV and it would never. bore. Unbelievable and - sorry guys - indescribable. Remember his name: Bob Iken. All who have ever seen one of their performances would agree, I think. Their next Show seems to be 30th/31st in Bruxelles. A fine opportunity for all who missed them.

Back to the story: -). All of a sudden, Stefaan Capelle appeared- what a nice surprise: -). We walked around and had nice conversation, so Enno could return to his - obscure - duties : -). But suddenly it was past 17: 00, the Museum closed, Stefaan had. to drive back to Koekelare and Enno and I had to go for dinner ... But where's Enno? Nowhere to find ... Stefaan and I were looking all around ... nothing. But then an idea, calling him on his mobile. I even had the appropriate spare-money and, yeah, Enno's on the phone... Very good connection, as if he were standing just a few meters away, which in fact he was :-), approaching out of the depths of the Aviodome Museum. Bye to Stefaan - we'll meet again : - ) - and now we only had to find the restaurant, where others were already waiting. So now I know every detail of Hoofddorp, a small city near Schiphol Apt. : -). Finally we arrived for dinner, where I met Johan van Cranenburgh again, Mathijs Kok and many of the guys from the DFSO. A funny evening ...

Then to Enno's Apartment in Amsterdam, where I saw my first Çable modem ... whow, that's it. We talked a lot, but I was information overkilled and exhausted, so 1 had to go to bed early.

Next day we drove back to Schiphol, but due to the Amsterdam-Marathon we had to drive some detour and I was even able to see some from the city. And when you Americans think, you are progressive with Drive-In facilities, well, the Dutch have Drive-By facilities. So I could see the Drive-By Rijksmuseum as well as the Drive-By Van Gogh Museum. Not to mention-the Drive-By Gracht. An unforgettable experience :-).

Second day ... Again, meeting many people, I had a long conversation with Mathijs Kok, where he showed me FS Traffic and even a future add-on from Lago. Pssst. Then meeting Ton van der Kolk (Fokker 70/100) and we had a nice time there. Suddenly ., Enno and 1 had to leave because it was time, driving to the Dutch Dakota Association (DDA), where he is a member as well. Due to some Dutch regulations I could not participate a flight, but it was as well exciting watching the Dakota taxiing, take-off and - after 30 minutes - land. Moreover I watched the second of the DDA-Dakotas and the Uiver, DC-2. Well, guys, a real, flyable DC-2, whow! And I was even allowed to stand in it's aisle.

Back to the Aviodome, where we met Ton on the leave, but he made up his mind and stayed a little longer. Suddenly Enno appeared, bringing our fellow pilot Han Tilroe with him. It was nice to meet you both there, Han and Ton. But my time was running out, had to get the train at 17:00, but before I bought a little Souvenir, the new CH Flightsim Yoke. Good Bye to all, a short walk to Schiphol's Terminal & Train Station, Farewell Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Back home at 23.00.

That's it...

Greetings from Hamburg,  Alex

Whom I missed? At least three guys: Marcel, Mark and Rob van der Leye. Hope to see you there next year. Maybe with an own TCA stand ???

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